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LEE is an app-based one-to-one mentorship program targeted at queer youths in Berlin to address individual needs, navigate challenges, improve lives and meet full human potential.

Imagine you were attacked in the street just for holding hands with your partner. Imagine if your children were bullied or isolated at school just for who they are! Sadly, such experiences remain part of everyday life for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ*) citizens.

Our mission is to help queer adolescents in Berlin navigate their personal challenges, avoid risks, and reach their individual full potential through supported one-to-one mentoring relationships by providing a social network platform.

By means of the app, called “Everyone needs a Lee” (LEE) queer adolescents will be matched with more experienced caring adults from the community and allies to guide them on a path to stability and most importantly, spend time with them. These relationships are considered to have a significant empowerment impact improving their personal well-being and happiness, answering questions related to gender dysphoria and questions around identity, possibly improving educational results, economic opportunities, and social inclusion, but also addressing subjective needs related to legal support, housing, health, family formation and many more. Why? With 7.4%, Germany has the highest LSBTIQ* share of the population in Europe. The proportion of younger LGBTIQ * population (14-29 years) is also above average (11.2%) (2016).

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