From virtual workshops and tech meetups to Europe's largest hackathons - we have a proven track record for bringing people and communities together to create impact.

We use our digital expertise to accelerate and facilitate social innovation by organising tech events for a sustainable digital transformation. ​​

We provide state-of-the-art technology solutions to the non-profit, more-than-profit, and public sectors while reflecting sustainable approaches back into the tech world.

Since 2016, we have already organised 100+ impact events from workshops, meetup-series, hackathons, datathons to hybrid live events - targeting environmental topics, sustainability, health, education and social impact. Throughout our journey, we established partnerships in technology, social and science and academia building up a global network of changemakers.

Our daily work is to bring concepts to reality, to create outstanding offline, online or hybrid experiences.

Powerful events need modern, state-of-the-art digital solutions: we are experienced in various online tools to create thought-through user journeys from registration to evaluation. In N3XTCODER events, customised platforms (e. g. Discord, Slack, Zoom, MS Teams) are accompanied by short FAQs, easy-to-read mailings and well-structured participant briefings. Our goal is to create memorable moments with long-lasting effects.

Events for Change

Our digital events are a fully customizable format to suit your individual needs to create the story, content and strategy that is right for you.

Identify the most promising ventures and technologies that drive future success through sustainability and build your ecosystem.

Create internal buy-in and visibility. Engage and inspire key stakeholders across your network.

Develop new products, collaborations and concepts that can become lighthouse projects showing leadership in the field.

Highly cost efficient format: Low cost of idea and product development – external, fresh and diverse view on challenges.

Create a strong sustainability story for the public and key stakeholders and boost the company’s image and brand.

Create external visibility and reach through N3XTCODER communication capability and media partners (incl. CSR reporting).

Challenge your internal timeline and get solution-oriented feedback all along the way.

Get insights into and adopt to digital and agile work processes. Create a strong foundation for fast and sustainable innovation.

Attract the next generation of digital professionals, other top talent and specialists for your company.

At Visa, innovation is one of our core drivers. That’s why we initiated the FinTech4Impact ProductHack together with N3XTCODER...Together we quickly generated valuable insights into the field of sustainable FinTech and identified highly relevant solutions for us and our clients.

Ute König-Stemmler

Head of Business Development Central Europe - Visa

With our N3XTCODER matching algorithm, we developed a system to form the best multidisciplinary teams with a balanced skill distribution among all participants – combined with several years of hackathon experience. Our participant’s feedback: N3XTCODER events can be an enriching and career-changing experience!

Together, we build powerful teams that implement cutting-edge tech solutions for measurable social impact.

Innovation by Default

Agile Transformation

Identify cutting-edge technologies that drive success and adopt new digital and agile work processes. Attract the next generation of digital professionals to your association or company and create a strong foundation for fast and sustainable innovation.


Showcase and contribute your expertise and support to critical social challenges tied to your field of specialisation. Create internal and external visibility and reach through our communication capabilities and media partners (including CSR reporting).

Prototype the Future

In a world of chaos and disruption, be the change you want to see. Achieve measurable impact through unique collaboration and build digital products that have real social impact on the issues that you care for.

We form alliances with our clients and partners to create a network of change-makers. In our innovation formats, we leverage the power of interdisciplinary: we connect professionals from many fields and provide the perfect framework for them to address society’s most urgent challenges.

Connecting the Arctic

In November 2021, we brought the 2nd pan-European CASSINI hackathon to Berlin, Germany. Partially funded by the European Commission and co-organized with the dedicated CASSINI Hackathons team, we invited digital professionals from Germany and beyond to Spielfeld Digital Hub. Together we leveraged European space data to create digital solutions preserving nature – in collaboration with WWF Germany and LT&C.

Book a free consultation to discuss collaborating with us and running a hackathon that makes real social impact.

Simon Stegemman
Co-Founder & CEO